Portrait of Introverts, poster, A0 (2024)

This is my contribution to Forms of (ex-)Change, an exhibition about change in relation to themes of personal importance. I used 8 a4-sheets to depict 8 introverts. The sheets are shy. They fold because they want to hide. The exhibition is still to see in the Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam until 6 October.

Hechtmappen bieden geen soelaas (File folders offer no solace), publication, A4 (2024)

File folders offer no solace is what remained after a summer job. The content consisted mostly of removing staples from outdated documents. These weeks were the source of fascinations for awkward silences, conversations in elevators, the theft of fluorescent pens and an exploded fan. 


Werkplaats Typografie participated on the New York Art Book Fair (April 25–28, 2024) with the work: The Ellipsis Foundation for targeted publishing researches contemporary individuality. Through “targeting,” a proprietary framework which consists of a brief question-and-answer session, Ellipsis deployed a clinically developed psychometric indicator that confirms the interior biases of any Participant. My contribution for the New York Art Book Fair was a signature of 16 pages with the title: THIS REMINDS ME OF MY MOTHER (WHO DIED TWELVE YEARS AGO) (2024)

M, font I made consisting of the slash (2024)

O, font I made consisting of the slash (2024)

W, font I made consisting of the slash (2024)

Balancing on the border, publication (2024)

I have the Dutch identity but was born and raised in Belgium. I feel neither purely Belgian nor purely Dutch, I associate more with the border area. In this publication, I do balancing exercises on the Belgian-Dutch border, trying to find the balance between the two countries.

Voyeur, filmstill (2024)

BE/NL, publication, 140x395mm (2024)

My fathers removals, publication, A4 (2024)

For my father’s 60th birthday I made a publication with all the houses he lived through his life. I used thin paper, in this manner you can see through, the memories and traces of past episodes are following him. The text on the cover comes from Species Of Spaces & Other Pieces of Georges Perec.

Proposal to make one of the most inefficient calendars of 2024, poster, A3, riso (2024)




Bikeroute to school, publication with drawings, 55x75mm (2023)

Integrated in the Dutch culture, I biked to school every day. There were a lot of roadworks, so I often changed my bike route. This was one of the routes. The white lines created by the binding method become part of the drawing. 

Postelastische maanden, 140x140mm, IBO One 60g (2023)

When I lived in The Hague, I worked as a postman. With the colleagues we talked about the design of mailboxes, our frustration that some houses don’t have a mailbox and about how exhausting it is to work in a street with porches with stairs. And I finally discovered why you see rubber bands everywhere in the city on the ground, the postman’s crumbs.

Stalingradlaan 35, drawing of my parental house, A3 (2022)

Stalingradlaan 35, publication (index of our house), 105x240mm, Munken Pure 90g (2022)

Raamvertelling, publication of drawings, 120x80mm (2022)

A book with drawings I made inspired by the geometry and diversity of windows in Brussels en Ghent. 

Diary bookmark, 50x240mm, Munken Polar 300g (2021)

Den Tevee, publication with drawings, A5 (2021)

During my childhood, I was always commented by others that my television was too small. Whereas in many living rooms it is a defining feature of the interior, in ours it was a modest, shy surface.